A Female Guide to Solo Travel


Is there any greater feeling than the freedom of travelling solo? Being able to go where you want, when you want, and with absolutely anyone that you want. Travelling solo has an anonymity to it; you can redesign yourself and be who you want to be with no one judging you. Once you’ve overcome your fear of being alone, you’ll soon realise that travelling solo is simply… the only way to travel. Whether it is your first time or you have travelled solo before, A Female Guide To Solo Travel will inspire, empower and prepare you for your solo trip.

Divided into four easy-to-read sections, you’ll learn how to:

  • Part A – Why Travel Solo: Get inspired and empowered to get over the roadblocks, dispel the travel myths and conquer your fear.
  • Part B – Plan Your Trip: Plan your trip, what to pack, where to stay and how to choose the right solo destination for you.
  • Part C – On The Road: Stay safe, where to meet others, how to lift your mood, avoid the travel scams, and help and advice if things go wrong.
  • Part D – Coming Home: How to deal with the post travel blues when you return home, and further inspiration for your next trip.

Includes exclusive travel offers and a daily budget planner. For each book sold, 10% will be donated to disadvantaged communities across the globe.

“As someone that’s never really travelled, let alone solo, I feel much better equipped to plan my journey and probably to deal with tricky situations that may arise when I’m away. It feels like the reader has someone right along side them, holding their hand giving advice.” Sam Abdoollah, a new solo.



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