Nutrition sessions are available 1-1 or via Skype.

Weight Loss Programs

Elite Life recognises that everyone’s life and situation is different, therefore weight loss programs are tailored to suit you and ONLY you. Help change negative emotional eating habits and our dependency on food to help us feel good. “ Feel good, Look Great.”

Diet and Nutrition Programs

“A balanced Diet”  –  Gaining all the vitamin and minerals that the human body needs through our daily diet and food intake.


The word DIET is used in today society as a restrictive or unbalanced food word. Many of us believe that by cutting out certain foods in our diet that we will lose weight. This is some incidences does happen! But is it really healthy and balanced for our body?


The body needs carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to survive and to perform at optimum levels. Cutting certain food groups out makes the body use food from other areas as substitutes and upsets the natural growth, repair and energy usage.


Look at what you eat, when you eat it, and why you are eating it will gain a good indication if your daily diet is balanced and your body is getting all that it needs. Make sure your body is getting the recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals.


Diet and Nutrition programs are available for Low-fat diets, Diabetics, Gluten Free, Low Sodium and Gastric Band.

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Hello all! Recently I posted about making small changes in Time Management. My first change was to only answer messages once a day and I told you I would report back on this 😉
Well, it’s going ok! What I mean by ok is I need to answer messages twice a day hahah! Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon, this is comfortable and this change has been made. It’s a new rule in my unwritten rule book!

Reporting back to you all helps remind me of what I need to keep in place 🙂

Right, my change for this week is to look at what I’m spending my time on during the day, what I need to change from this and what I need to realise.

Report back to you all next week with inspirational and motivational changes.
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Have you set some goals this month? They can be small goals as long as they work for you. Remember, one step at a time. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

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