Elite Life - Mindful Meditation a spiritual and peaceful practice. A 6-week course designed to enable everyday peace, balance, and harmony.


This peaceful and stress relieving practice reduces anxiety, stress and helps increase wellbeing. Meditation allows energy to flow freely through the body, enables positive thought processes and enables you to stay in the present moment with no worry or thoughts from the past or future.


This course will take you through the concepts and origins of mindful meditation;

  • Mindfulness practices at home and tips to gain maximum benefits
  • Challenging negative thought processes and the adoption of 'the letting go process'
  • The benefits of Mindful Meditation, mind, body and spirit - chakras
  • Added benefit of guided meditation as a relaxing aid
  • Holistic approach to the self – decreasing feelings of anxiety, worry, stress and depression
  • Deeper meditation, spirit, and intuition
  • Taking meditation into your everyday life , practice tips for continuation.
Week 1

Background of meditation, Group concepts of what meditation is, What is meditation and the main goals, Thoughts, resistance- emotions related to meditation, Ways to support meditation. Practice of Guided meditation and using the breath. Group discussion.

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

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